Back to that grindstone

Always changing. Always growing. Life is all about the never-ending tide. Best you can do is adapt and move with it.

So, in my last post I’d talked about trying to figure out the best path to take. At the time, with all of the options open to me, it seemed that writing romance was the way to go. I dove onto that full steam ahead. I had a plan, and a roadmap to follow.

Of course, things happen, and reasons, and I’ve been stuck on book 2 instead of already being done with book 4.

Well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Since bills happen, I was becoming too stressed to write. Some people do better when under that kind of pressure, and when it comes to work I know how to put my head down and grind forward. However, writing is a whole different beast. I can’t focus on fiction when I’ve got bills looming overhead, threatening everything.

Time for a change of plan!

That’s when I found some freelancing work ghost writing and editing. It’s helped and is slowly ramping up. I’m behind on everything, but with the money I’m making, bit by bit, I’m crawling my way out of this hole.

Now that I know I’m going to be okay, my mind turned back to my books. After all, the goal of ALL of this is to be able to pay my bills with my writing, right? I’ve picked back up the romance torch, as I had book 2 more than halfway done. As I’m plugging away at it, doing between 3000 and 5000 words a day (while still punching out 8000 to 10,000 words in ghost writing stories a day), I realized… why am I still working on the romance stuff?

Even just thinking it, I felt wishy-washy. But really, I’d started the romance writing to pay the bills long enough until I could get MY fiction off the ground. But if I’m freelancing, and THAT’S paying the bills, why waste the extra steps on the romance? Bills are covered. Why not put all those words into MY fiction?

I looked at it, and can you believe it’s been almost a full year since I released anything under Scott Richards?


So once more, I’m rethinking my path. This, however, is more to your benefit, because if I make this change (yet again) it means you’ll be getting volume 2 and 3 of Before the Shroud very shortly.

That’s right, two books, shortly. I will say this: all of this freelancing while also working on my fiction has helped take me to the next step in plowing through that daily word count.

I try to not impulsively jump from thing to thing, changing my entire writing schedule on a whim. I weigh, measure, and try to decide the best long-term plan for what I’m trying to accomplish, not only with my life, but my author career. With that in mind, I will say that the scales are leaning pretty heavily back toward the “Just write your own damn stuff” side of things.

If you see an announcement about the release of Before the Shroud, Volume 2 within the next month or so, you’ll know which way I finally tipped.

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