Landon’s Prison

Landon's Prison-complete2

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On the last night of his life, all Landon Price wanted to do was make a cake in memory of his father’s death. A trip to the corner store for milk changed everything when some local thugs tried robbing the place. Trapped inside the store, officer Price called for back-up, but a lucky shot to his chest ended his life. True to his nature, he died bravely protecting others. 

And then he woke up. 

Surrounded by walking, talking insects, trapped in a body he has no control over, Landon finds himself in a situation impossible to explain. What’s worse, his career spent safeguarding the innocent now seemed for naught as his body – wild, with a mind of its own – slaughters and wreaks havoc upon those that created it. 

LANDON’S PRISON is a sci-fi action adventure set aboard an alien ship where a genetic experiment has gone awry. Landon must discover what’s happened, and try to gain control of his prison before it murders every living thing aboard the ship.

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