Spiritually Deficient

Are you a fan of horror films? How about the ones with evil spirits possessing people, or generally running amok through the household, making life a living hell for its occupants? At the end of the movie, once the spirit has been captured in some sort of magical vessel, have you ever stopped and wondered, “Who keeps on eye on that thing to make sure it doesn’t get out?”

As it turns out, his name is John Catcher! A member of a non-so-secret society whose sole purpose is to capture and guard these vessels, protecting the world from their evil.

Hell, John’s been doing it so long, he makes it look easy. Too easy… Matter of fact, John’s become something of a slob.

It’s not his fault, though! The other members of his order have “grounded” him, leaving him with the job of babysitting the other vessels.

Don’t worry though! John can handle himself.

Oooo, fire

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One thought on “Spiritually Deficient

  1. blair lowe
    September 10, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    I like this. Not a huge fan of horror but so far, amusing.

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