Kibbles or Bits? Self-Publishing Help!

I’m amazed at how my entire view has changed from the moment I published episode one, to now. A writer and friend of mine turned me onto the Self Publishing Podcast, which, if you’re a writer and trying to self-publish, I can’t recommend these guys enough. They rant, and BS, and then go on a 20 minute tangent that’s super informative. Here’s the link:

No, that’s not a missing letter – their link really is “podcas” and I don’t know why .

Listening to them has not only inspired and encouraged me regarding my dream of making it as a hybrid author, both self-publishing, but also traditional as well, but I’ve also gleaned so much information regarding strategies for promoting and publishing your fiction, writing schedules, methods, pricing, and everything else under the sun. When I posted episode one, I had no clue what I was doing, just that I needed to do something if I was to grow as an author. Now, on the cusp of releasing episode two (June 3rd), I have not only confidence, but a new outlook and a plan.

But I have a question maybe you can help me with.

I’ve been posting the story parts to the blog as a way of gaining a reader’s interest. Something to look forward to, and come back to. I’ve taken those parts and put them into 10,000 word episodes, and that – I feel – has given the episodes a very jerky feel to it. Now, some people have expressed they like the short parts, as it makes it easy to read a little bit at a time. Personally, as an author, I feel it’s holding me back from telling a fuller story. So, I ask you…Do you prefer the kibbles, or the bits? 

Season one is already written. It is in these parts. That’s its structure, that’s its form. For season two, however, I want to continue the story as written in 10k word episodes. That will, of course, mean no more parts will be uploaded to the blog, but let’s be honest, I think two people will be affected by such an act.

So let’s say you’re one of my readers – do you find the short 2000 word parts create a story that’s hard to really become involved in, or do you prefer it that way? Your opinion matters. 

As you ponder that over, I’d like to take the moment to inform you that I’m planning a new serial. This will be a sci-fi piece, very unique perspective, and this will be written in 10k episodes, the same as Before the ShroudExpect the first episode of the new serial released the week following the season finale of Before the Shroud.

Like sci-fi? Than I have more good news! In the crazy course of all this, I will also revisit an older series I had begun. These are full-length novels, and shall be released as such – not a serial.

And this is just the tip of th– okay, let’s avoid the clichés. I have a lot of damn stories coming. 

This means I’ll likely post less to the blog, but in return you’ll get a ton of reading material. As writers and authors are available, I’ll still happily do author interviews, writer of the day, and any other such showcases. If you’re interested in partaking of any of these, just let me know! Comment or email.

Change is on the horizon, my friends. Either amazing things will come, or I’m totally shooting myself in the foot.

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