Progress, Not Just Moving Forward


Progress! And boy howdy do I love it!

True to my word, I’ve buckled down, and I’m finally getting a routine going. A groove, if you will. I’ve set out a schedule to ensure I get both writing and editing done each day. I now have a very real deadline to work toward, and I’ve already hit the ground running.

Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve kept up on the blog reliably and stress free! I definitely learned a lot from my first attempt, and now I feel confident I’ll keep this up in the long run.

Man oh man, I’m having fun with Before the Shroud. Aldester is a fantastic character in his own right, but Syv and Thelron have earned a very special place in my heart. The story is going to take you to some very fun places. I have the plot worked out to the end, and this is not your regular fantasy tale. I’m so disgustingly excited! I wish I could just write it out as a book, make you read it, and we could squee together. But I can’t. It’s meant as a string-you-along tale for the blog, and that’s how it’ll stay. Fun news, though! The anthology I’ll be self-publishing will include with it all of the Before the Shroud blog posts up to the release of the book. A great way to get friends into the story!

My Wednesday posts have also been planned and plotted out for the next two months. I’ve had some meetings at work detailing productivity, and let me tell you, I was quite productive! Ever questioned using your own creatures in a story? How about the role of religion in a plot? I’ll be discussing this and much more in the weeks to come!

To top it all off, the icing on the cake, I’ve got more interviews from some very talented writers lined up! I’ll be trickling those through the line for you to explore.

All in all, this is going to be a wild ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Are there any topics or articles you’d like to see me write about?

Have you been keeping up on my serial Before the Shroud? What’re your thoughts so far?

Do you have any awesome plans for the three-day weekend coming up?




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